sony handycam jammed

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Any minor damage on its surface can render the media unplayable nor data unretrievable. ETA 5 days condition permits. My fx7 went to blue screen on me bought a mini dv head cleaner and t Thought i was going to have to buy a mrc1 cf recording system. I use this to shoot How to videos for Videos and that fx7 still shoots amazing footage.

Thinking of getting a z7u though. Sony U-Mechanism Manual Tape removal. Du hast scheinbar Probleme beim Abspielen dieses Videos. Versuche in dem Fall, deinen Browser neu zu starten. Sony 8mm U-Mech Jammed tape removal. This video includes critical information about 8mm format most end users not aware of.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the miracle you preformed on my TRV Don't talk to me about microwave ovens!

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Anyway, back to the task at hand, photos and a manual and we're on the right tack. I'll take it from there. Your words are indeed worth heeding and a good read as well. Getting older machinery fixed can be a bit of a lottery. Some people just don't want to see it, too much re-reading of old manuals and parts hard to track down. However sometimes, older practitioners are content to work on stuff they cut their teeth on. I rebuilt an old Van Doorn electric power tool, old as in cast aluminium and heavy, industrial quality.

I hit a snag in that the armature wiring was faulty and needed to be rewound. He took this thing on and rebuilt the armature, made by hand, a new commutator as well, assembled it to the shaft and skimmed it down at labour cost which obviously was way over what he actually charged me for the job. It turned out he had done his apprenticeship at the Van Doorn factory and probably built it originally and subsequently migrated to Australia. He pointed to a series of stamped numbers around the casing.

Take care of it and it will take care of you. He has likely passed on by now, but you never know. He could still be rewinding motors in his little workshop on the side of his house near the Garrett Road bridge at the age of ninety or more.

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I would like to think so. After over a dozen times of turning the camera on and off and pushing eject I have no idea why. I could not get a photo but the tape door was literally half way between open and closed. I suspect that an old cheap TDK tape may have had bad lube in it, that froze up the gears. But i dont know. I am going to get a head cleaner just in case. I tried to post this yesterday when the database was misbehaving, and now the problem's fixed - however, I'll still share it just to give a different viewpoint. I've got a different view. If you don't have the skills at all to even try the repair, don't - but if you have common sense, a set of jewellers type screwdrivers to fit the tiny screws, then what is the worse thing you can do?

Any form of paid for professional repair is going to be very expensive simply because it's fiddly, takes time, and they really don't want to work on older kit anyway! So your options at the moment with it in the current condition are pretty limited. Spend lots of money, or throw it away. So my view is that as the actual value of the camera is virtually nothing, spending any money has to be uneconomic, so why not have a go.

Some are real devils, others, once you work out which screws to remove, come to bits quite easily, and then, once you have access, you can either attempt if you can gain enough access to manually force the eject, by manipulating the small plastic cogs - this is often made much easier if you snip the tape, which is almost certainly what is stopping the eject completing. Sometimes, once the case is off, you can remove the lid of the cassette holder, letting the tape slip out.

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As jammed tapes are pretty common, the manufacturers usually build in a way of removing them - they're tiny and crammed with parts, but the secret is there somewhere. If you break it, all you've lost is your time - you can't really make it worse. Latest in Digital Cameras. Aurora Aperture's revolutionary filter system sits behind the lens. Glorious shapes, patterns and textures in the Minimalist Photography Awards.

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Tape jammed. Eject jammed.

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tape jam on Sony handycam

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